Are you still using framed window for balcony?

There are no frames between glass panels and each glass panel can freely slide to the left or right to open for ventilation or cleaning purpose with Finzone balcony glazing. Total or partial balcony enclosure or opening is achieved. 

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Time to change !

Imagine enjoying breakfast on your winter garden without chily winds, or having a dinner party outside with your family or your friends even when it's raining.

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High quality Finzone balcony glazing is not only the choice of European and American customers, but also the customers over 35 countries in the world.
Shanghai Finzone Windows & Doors Co., Ltd is a manufactory of terrace glazing and balcony glazing system in China. We get the CE、TUV、GOST、ISO and many patens. Now we have exported to over 30 countries.
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