What products are invisible balcony windows?


What products are invisible balcony windows?

"Seal balcony, must use invisible balcony window."." Recently, the popularity of the "invisible balcony window" to many new decoration owners are confused, do not know what this is new products, here Shanghai Jing Rui to give you a brief introduction!

In fact, the invisible is the balcony window frameless balcony window frameless balcony window, as in appearance without Aluminum Alloy straight gear, so that even in the fully closed state of view are also completely unimpeded; Frameless balcony window of each piece of glass can be moved into the open on both sides, in the window open and the balcony there is no package the same; which can enclose the balcony to shelter from the rain, but also can fully open without package, like an invisible window, so many netizens nicknamed "invisible balcony window"!


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