Doors and windows clean, it is said, this is the most effective way to clean doors and windows gap......


Every clean-up

Cracks in doors and windows are troublesome

You must have been worried about it too

Want to clean the dust in the doors and windows quickly?

The following tips offer awesome cleaning

It'll be done in minutes

Clever use of paint brush

Because the doors and windows are narrow

There is always a dead corner when wiping with a rag

For people who have obsessive compulsive disorder and are fond of cleanliness

It was just a disaster!

This time, pick up forgotten in the corner

Paint brush"

The brush hair is fine just can be taken into account in the corner

The small cracks in the dust can easily sweep

White vinegar also has a big use

If it is steel or aluminum alloy doors and windows

And how to clean up?

Never use detergent

Cleaning with white vinegar would be a good choice

Sprinkle white vinegar on the gap between doors and windows

Dust will be taken out and clean

Finally wipe it with water

Windows and doors

Sponge is not just baby

Because of the flexibility of sponge is much strong

So become a big magic weapon for cleaning doors and windows"

Trim the sponge according to the shape of the door and window track

It's easy to get inside the doors and windows

Cleaning up residual dirt without any difficulty!

You are such a business card!

Never imagined that a business card could transform into a clean artifact

Fold the waste card in half

Folded into a dustpan shape

Use an old toothbrush to concentrate the dust in the gap

Then the name card will shovel out the dust pan

Reasonable use of waste toothbrush and business card cleaning

Is the best!

Toothbrush decon***ination

There are always worn-out toothbrushes in the family

If you just run out of it

That's a waste of money!

Waste toothbrush is a very effective tool for dust removal

Dust can be easily cleared along the gap

Waste toothbrushes can be recycled many times

Effective and avoid wasting



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