Door and window workers work with glass glue every day. Do you know how to clean glass glue?


1, if a large area, go to the hardware store to buy a putty knife, sharpen it, and then carefully scraped on the line! If the area is small, you can use a knife or a knife gently scraping, or with banana water, gently wipe several times, the edge will be turned off, and then you can use a knife to cut, you can leave no traces.

2, when it's a little harder, take a useless credit card, or membership card and so on, along the glass surface, slowly scraping, will scrape off. Because the credit card is soft, not easy to hurt the surface of the glass, with a coin can also, but the metal must be careful.

3, if after scraping, the glass will have a layer of grease, and then cotton cloth dipped in soda or pine perfume, there will be no wipe.

4, you can use brush brush wire brush, especially good scratch.

5, if there is no tear, with a hair dryer to transfer heat, self-adhesive paper edge blowing edge tear, so basically do not leave glue, even if there is little Fengyoujing chemical reaction can be dropped. If it is torn off leaving large plastic, with pine fragrance with a towel (or paint thinner paint in hardware or grocery where there are sold less than five yuan a bottle of glue in a circle wipe).

How do you wash your hands with glass glue?

1, cotton yarn of kerosene or gasoline, clean, and then use soap or washing powder to wash, surface. ,

2, the paper wipe large, then the surface or washing powder with a little water, knead, full, clean.

3, wipe the large piece, fully dry, and then rub it. After the solvent is volatilized, the glass film is formed.

How do you wash the glass glue on your clothes?

If attached to the clothes, you can consider the use of brush brush, if you still can not remove the glass glue, it is necessary to consider the banana water.

How to wash the glass glue on the floor?

Glass glue on the floor, depending on the floor, choose different methods. If it is tile material, generally removed relatively simple, with a knife slowly scraping away the fixed glass glue on it. If the board material, sponge soaked in boiling water into the heat, the water thrown dry, repeated wiping several times, glass glue will often erase.

How to wash the glass glue on the tile?

1, go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of household cleaning agent (lampblack machine), and then spray in the glass glue place, wait a few minutes, wipe with a cloth will be clean.

2, the cured glass glue, fewer words can be directly with a sharp blade, much of it can wipe paint trowel or grab sub scrape, convenient quickly.

3, can get rid of blade with banana + water, pure water is colorless and transparent banana volatile liquid, have a strong smell of bananas, slightly soluble in water, soluble in various organic solvents, flammable, mainly used as paint solvents and thinners.

4, can use passenger protection forest degreaser, developed specifically for home users of a cleaning agent, can be used for ceramic tile, stone, glass surface cleaning, can effectively remove the surface of the paint, glue, tape and other residues. Colorless and odorless, not volatile.



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