Teach customers how to choose good quality doors and windows


The main materials of doors and windows generally include three aspects: outer frame profiles, glass and hardware parts. Owners in the purchase of products, often pay more attention to the profile and glass thickness, and the hardware requirements are not very high, this is not comprehensive.

In fact, the state requirements for doors and windows is a certain standard, the quality of the doors and windows for the profiles, the thickness, strength and oxide film can generally meet the national standards. While the glass is ordinary glass is better, if considering the safety and durability of the doors and windows, stainless steel hardware accessories (such as screw, hinge etc.) than aluminum parts, you know, usually start from the doors and windows accessories Yo is damaged doors and windows!

2, processing

With good materials, the next step is the processing of doors and windows. Due to the technical content of doors and windows is not high, mechanization is not high, most rely on the manual operation of the installation workers, which requires operators to have a good product quality awareness.

It is very important to strengthen the proficiency and product awareness of operators in the production process. High quality doors and windows processing fine, tangent smooth, angle consistent, in the stitching process should not appear obvious gap, sealing performance is good, switch smooth. If the processing is not qualified, will be sealed in nature, not only air leaks, but also in strong winds and large under the action of external force, the glass will appear crack, fall off phenomenon, resulting in the loss of property and even wounding phenomenon to the owner.

3, appearance

Owners buy doors and windows products, usually pay much attention to the appearance of the product and glass decorative pattern, and often belittles the film on the surface of the glass doors and windows, glass doors and windows are even using toughened glass, also has the possibility of the explosion, after the window glass film, is to prevent the harmful UV rays into the interior, to insulation, safety. Safety protection is greatly improved. So in the choice of doors and windows products to compare more similar products.

4, the price

Because the market price on the window level and the price of the material level has a direct correlation, but generally in a certain period of time the price performance of windows is relatively stable, in general, in the same grade, quality doors and windows price is 30% higher than that of inferior windows and doors, doors and windows usually contains a lot of impurities of inferior quality squeeze or recast into either from tensile strength or yield strength are greatly reduced, the window is not safe, so the owners in the purchase of products do not a cheap but ignores the personal safety of yourself and others.

5, performance

The doors and windows performance due to the use of different scope and focus are different, but generally should consider the following aspects: strength, which is mainly reflected in the window profile material, is able to withstand high pressure; air tightness, mainly reflected in the window structure, doors and windows of the inner fan and frame structure is tight, close doors and windows.


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