Detailed course of quality control in door and window installation stage

  • Standard hole size: the opening of the door and window is completed, and the final hole size after the waterproof mortar is the standard size of the door and the hole.

  • Before the window is installed, the hole needs to be painted with a cement mortar, so that the hole surface is smooth and the size is regular. Outside the window sill board surface should be poured into the water into the 3-5% outward, the wall part should be slightly higher than the exposed surface.

  • Brick (clay brick, ETS block) windows and doors should be reserved for buried concrete block. The spacing requirement of concrete block is: the spacing between the top and bottom of the entrance should be 180mm, and the distance between the left and right sides of the entrance should be 500mm.

Door and window standard hole dressing

Wet door and window frame installation

When the hole deviation is greater than 10mm and the cement mortar is used to fix the hole, the door and window fixing piece is connected with the civil structure, and the nail fixing is not required. Nylon expansion screws should be used for fixation.

Wet window piecing material installation

  • Piecing material on port plugging;

  • Piecing material should be lengthened connected with reliable structure design;

  • Combined door (window) frame and piecing material card, application of two-way fasteners tightening, the spacing should be less than 500mm; from both ends of spacing is not greater than 180mm; piecing material door (window) gap between the frame sealant seal.

Window frame installation

  • The main and auxiliary frame installation clearance should be strictly controlled according to the main and sub frame design gap. After installation, the actual clearance of main subframe should not be less than 4mm.

  • The main and secondary frame clearance control should adopt the special main and secondary frame clearance adjusting block. The main and subframe clearance shall not be controlled by fastening fasteners directly.

Foaming agent plug joint

The range of plug in foaming agent

Application requirements of blowing agent

  • The gap between plugs is 15~25mm. The l construction temperature is +5 degree C

  • Before construction, clean the filling area and spray it with water;

  • Jet from bottom to top, jet volume to 70% of the filled volume can be;

  • Ten minutes, the surface starts to solidify, before the solidification will overflow the foaming agent to squeeze into the crevice. Prevention of outer membrane damage of foaming agent.

Water mortar plug joint

Requirements of water mortar plug

  • Plug mortar should use waterproof mortar; conventional mixing ratio: cement: Sand: waterproof agent (weight ratio) is 1:2.5:0.03. Adjust mixture ratio according to use situation. The polypropylene fiber and Dura fiber can be added into consideration of crack resistance;

  • Professional seam plug teams are recommended for plug seams;

  • The reasonable gap is 15~30mm. It is necessary to adopt steel mesh fine stone concrete method when the hole is more than 50mm;

Steel subframe installation node

Polymer cement waterproofing (JS)

  • The 1. surface must be smooth, firm, clean, no water, no leakage; uneven and cracks and other defects must be filled in, the leak must stop; Yin and yang angle should make arc angle. -

  • 2. in strict accordance with the requirements of the factory burden ratio and accurate measurement of ingredients when the liquid material in a blender, slowly add powder under stirring for mixing (which can add appropriate amount of water to adjust viscosity, but in the water before adding powder plus), to fully achieve uniform dispersion, no dough, no precipitation so far. The prepared materials should be used up within 2~3 hours.

  • 3. according to the selected construction method, according to the order by layer completion, the interval between the layers before the layer coating dry solid non sticky as the standard. The general construction takes about 4 hours and the temperature is 20 degrees centigrade. If the temperature is low, the humidity is big, the ventilation condition is bad, then the time will be longer.

  • The surface must be smooth, firm, clean, no water, no leakage;

  • Uneven and cracks must be filled up, and leakage must be stopped;

  • The angle of yin and Yang should be made into arc angle.

Outdoor plastering of doors and windows

  • The door window frame outside must leave 5mm glue injection slot width and depth of 6mm;

  • The glue injection can be used with PVC Slot Reserved: segmentation as a notch, to be outside the paint layer after curing, and then removed the PVC type split bar.

  • The painted surface should be slightly more than the window frame, and its thickness should not affect the opening of the fan and the drainage of the window and door.

Glue sealing on the side of door and window

  • The glue pouring notch and the base should be cleaned and the sealant should be applied after the drying;

  • Neutral silicone sealant should be injected and sealed. Sealing sealant on the coating surface is strictly prohibited;

  • Neutral silicone injection glue should be full, uniform and uninterrupted;

Hollow glass

  • The outer sealing adhesive layer thickness is 5~7mm;

  • Low-E glass coating must be directed toward the hollow layer, and the Low-E glass is located outside the chamber when it is installed;

  • The tempered glass should be labeled with 3C according to the standard, and the double tempered steel should be marked with 3C on the two tempered glass;

Glass pad installation

Hardware installation of door and window inner fan

  • Fasteners for door and window hardware parts shall not be core pulling rivets

Window contractor

Doors and windows must be installed in the repaired doors and windows;

But the hole deviation is more than 10mm, and the cement mortar is used to repair the hole, and the fastening piece shall not be fastened with the nail. Nylon expansion screws should be used for fixation;

Piecing material should be designed and lengthened to port after occlusion, and effectively fixed structure;

Piecing material and application of the combo box fastener and the bidirectional fastening, stitching position sealed with sealant;

Plug foaming agent should be inserted into the crevice before curing and must not be cut;

Sealing sealant on the coating surface is strictly prohibited! Glue injection notch should be cleaned before injecting glue;

The outer sealing layer thickness of insulating glass is 5~7mm;

The heavy block and the limiting block of the glass cushion block should be placed according to the requirements;

Hardware fasteners shall be made of stainless steel and all shall be fastened. No rivets shall be used at any location;



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