Reject noise, noise doors and windows purchase method


In the past, urban development was not fast,

Many houses do not pay attention to sound insulation,

With the rapid development of urbanization, the noise is increasing gradually,

Urban noise has become an important part of environmental pollution,

Not only interferes with people's normal life and work,

It can also make physical and mental health seriously affected.

So in the decoration of the time,

Doors and windows with better sound insulation effect should be chosen as much as possible.

First, soundproof glass window is purchased

1, look at the material

Including aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, whether the color is consistent, hardware assembly is complete.

2, look at processing

High quality aluminum alloy window, fine processing, tangent smooth, consistent angle (the main frame is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), in the stitching process should not appear obvious gap, switch smooth

3. Look at the glass

See whether it is insulating glass, there is no coating, plating composite film in general corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high gloss.

4. Look at the size

To see if the window size is correct, it must be consistent with the actual size.

Two, sound insulation door purchase points



Indoor doors and windows are thinner than the walls, so in addition to the window, the door is another noise barrier focus. On the market security doors, interior doors have corresponding sound insulation products:

Core filled sound insulation door: glass wool yarn or rock wool is filled in the core of the door leaf, and the door leaf seam is sealed with sponge rubber strip.

Outsourcing soundproof door: in ordinary wood door outside is covered with a layer of artificial leather, artificial leather filled with rock wool, and long leather layering with bubble nail nail with sponge rubber strips glued around the gap seal.

Quiettm fire door: filling the rock wool sound-absorbing material in wood door frame, with asbestos board, galvanized steel and refractory fiber board with external package, sealed with sponge rubber sealing glue.

In the purchase, what should pay attention to it?

1. Look at the weight

The formula of sound insulation is directly related to the density of the material, so the sound density is relatively good, and the molded door is relatively light, which is the root cause of the bad sound insulation of the moulded door. But note: flat hollow doors in the middle of the sound insulation cotton will be more sound than the real wooden door.

2, see thickness

The thicker the surface, the better the sound insulation effect. The surface board of general wooden door should use 8mm thick. The thickness and evenness of the surface layer are better, but the cost will increase. But the iron fire door surface iron 3mm thickness, sound insulation effect is also good.

3, see flatness

The flat wooden doors, Mentao combination with better, but no matter what the structure. So long as the deformed wooden doors are soundproof.



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