Common problems in installation of windows and doors


Prevention measures:

(1), in the window frame should be installed at the transverse baffle, the intersection position of horizontal mullions, should note the silicone sealant, the exposed screw head should also be in the top layer of sealant, according to the design requirements of the seal material selection;

(2) a layer of silicone sealant is injected into the non dense part of the joint between the window frame and the facing, and the gap between the window frame and the structure should be packed tightly when the window frame is secured;

(3) the window sill should be drained outwards and the camber height is not less than 30mm. The outer surface of the window sill should not be higher than the window frame drain hole, and the upper window lintel is made into an olecranon or drip trough;

(4) in order to remove the water in the window frame as soon as possible, the 600mm slot with 4mm * 20MM flat bottom drain hole should be drilled in the lower frame slot of the door and window, and the distance between them should be about 2 meters. Drain water out through a small hole;

(5) the rubber strips that fall off during construction should be repaired in time. The rubber seal should be injected into the corner to make it bond, and the sealing material outside the window should use the integral silicone sealant.



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