What are the advantages of frameless balcony compared to framed balcony window?


1) frameless balcony eliminates the traditional vertical frame with frame window, so that the window can move neatly to the side, folded, so that the entire balcony is completely open, conducive to ventilation.

2) the installation of frameless window will not destroy the appearance and style of the building, and it will enhance the overall beauty of the balcony.

3) the folding function of the frameless window makes the cleaning of the front and the back of the window easier and safer.

4) frameless balcony window opens inside, the structure is stable, the use is more safe.

In recent years, frameless balcony with its unique advantages of simple fashion, bright and transparent, attract a lot of consumers, the use of reflection from the market and users of the situation, we are increasingly confident about the quality of frameless balcony.


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