How to ensure the safety of frameless balcony (frameless glass window)



The safety of frameless balcony (frameless glass window) largely depends on the material axis that the wheel group is equipped with!

Frameless balcony (frameless glass window) is a force of the product, the whole window weight on wheels, and currently on the market most manufacturers are zinc alloy zinc alloy shaft axis, due to very easily in the pouring process of the bubbles, and the bubbles become the culprit axis in a moment of brittle fracture, brittle fracture shaft means that the entire window may be derailed, causing potential safety problems. Shanghai Jing Rui in order to avoid this situation, all of its frameless balcony (frameless glass window) products are using stainless steel shaft, to ensure the safe use of products. Therefore, it is recommended that the majority of customers choose frameless balcony (frameless glass window), we must see whether the selected brands use stainless steel shaft!




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