Aluminum alloy profiles for the safety of frameless balcony (frameless glass windows)


Safety profile of frameless balcony (frameless glass window)

The safety of frameless balcony (frameless glass window) depends largely on the material of aluminum alloy profile!

Frameless balcony (frameless glass window) is mainly composed of Aluminum Alloy profiles, glass and hardware accessories; Aluminum Alloy profiles can be said to be a frameless balcony (frameless glass window) the most important part, some manufacturers in order to save costs, will use recycled aluminum as the main material, after use in a long time, easy to open, resulting in deformation profiles of mobile window is not smooth. All frameless balcony (frameless glass window) products of Shanghai Jing Rui adopt 6063T5 specification aluminum alloy material, to ensure the service life and safety of the product.


More frameless balconies (frameless glass windows) are safe to access!



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