Why choose balcony glazing system?


      Why the bridge aluminum door window insulation, the bridge aluminum window insulation effect good, the bridge aluminum door window energy saving effect good? Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows profile article is made up of aluminium alloy profile and thermoplastic composite insulation, good property of roller type heat insulation aluminum alloy profile is high density nylon PA66 strip or PVC hard plastic strip by wearing a rolling processing, lu: su joined up. Article and foam insulation aluminum is the use of thermal insulation, within the outer aluminum connecting the embedded into an organic whole, in the form of insulation cavity filling polyurethane foam, become a heat insulation aluminum alloy profile "cold bridge", to achieve heat preservation, the effect of energy saving

Specifically, because of the aluminum alloy is a metal, heat faster, so when the indoor and outdoor temperature varies a lot, aluminium alloy can transfer heat to become a "bridge", such materials doors and Windows, its heat insulation performance is poor. And broken bridge aluminum aluminum alloy has cracked, it USES a hard plastic will disconnect the aluminum alloy is an organic whole repeatedly, we know that the plastic thermal conductivity significantly slower than metal, so heat is not easily through the material, material of insulation performance is better, this is "broken bridge aluminum (alloy)" cause of name.


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