Forever sharp series invisible screen window


Product features:

No frame matching, Yong Rui series is with frameless balcony window matching design of invisible screen window products.

Automatic positioning, Yong Rui series does not need to set additional borders, open automatically positioning, closed state issued to the real "stealth" effect.

Super windproof, forever sharp series change traditional windproof buckle and windproof stick design, use integral windproof piece, can resist super typhoon.

Metal handle, Yong Rui series is currently the only window screen market using automatic metal lock products, fashionable appearance, exquisite.

The sharp deceleration function, permanent series adopts special deceleration system, avoid screen off when the rapid shock rollback, eliminate safety hazards.

Self cleaning, forever sharp series yarn box position with top, screen switch once equivalent to automatic cleaning once, to avoid yarn online backlog of dust.

Imported yarn mesh, Yong Rui series imported yarn, material diameter is very thin,  high transmittance.

Super thick material, permanent sharp series wall thickness profiles far exceeds the national standard, the main force profile thickness exceeding 1.5 mm.

Material composition:

Ultra national standard aviation titanium magnesium aluminum alloy material

Metal lock

Import fiberglass mesh


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