American silk hidden frame window

Product features:

1 innovative structure, the United silk silk series using three rail three fan or three rail six fan design, let you enjoy the sunshine, embrace nature.

2 hidden frame design, beautiful silk series vertical file using extremely narrow design, feel "frameless" vision.

3 ultra thick sections, Beaute wire series wall thickness profiles far exceeds the national standard, the basic profile wall thickness of 1.6 mm main points profile thickness exceeding 2 mm.

4 waterproof, slope structure Beaute wire chute bottom sash transom and the sliding slot between the "seal", "natural waterproof".

5 precision bearings, American silk series uses double pulley structure, the use of high precision bearings, even as high as 2 meters 5 French window can also be light and smooth open.

6 European style, American silk series form design using European fashion style, appearance refining, smooth lines, strong structure.

Material composition:

Ultra national standard aviation titanium magnesium aluminum alloy material


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