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Finzone30 terrace glazing

Finzone30 terrace glazing  vLatest system: Finzone30 is the new system for balcony glazing or terrace glazing.  vCompensation profile: Finzone30 has a compensation profile that can adjust the gap between the system and the ceiling.  vMore panels: Finzone30 can stack 9 glass panels at one side.vCan’t fall down: Finzone30 has some special design parts to avoid the glass panels falling down when they open. vMoving smoothly: Finzone30 can move smoothly even the glass panel moves through the opening hole and the rollers don’t jump. vBig glass panels: Finzone30 uses stainless steel for special axle and big ball bearing wheels. So the max size of Finzone30 is 9000mm * 3000mm for each glass panel. The thickness of glass can be for 10mm or 12mm.

Finzone10 terrace glazing

Finzone10 terrace glazingSystem features for Finzone10 terrace glazingLatest system: Finzone10 used for most kinds of balcony shape, special for terrace glazing.Compensation profile: There is a compensation profile for upper profile that can adjust the gap between the window and ceiling.Best Rollers: Use big ball bearing wheels and slide smoothly.Big glass panels: The max width of Finzone10 is 800mm and the max height is 2500mm for each glass panel.Hinge axles: Use SS304 for the whole hinge axles so that can stand big weight and avoid the glass panels falling down.Protection cap: Apply nylon protection cap on glass profiles to avoid hurting.Connection hardware: Use two parts of Zinc that easy to connect two track profiles with any angles.  Structure drawing for Finzone10 terrace glazing     Sound insulation for Finzone10 terrace glazingFor 100 Hz Reduction 6.7 dBFor 2400 Hz Reduction 13.5 dBMeasured according to international standards ISO 140-5 & ISO 717-1  Function for Finzone10 terrace glazing's shapes   Color choice for Finzone10 terrace glazing

Finzone20 sliding terrace glazing

Finzone20 sliding terrace glazingFinzone20 is a sliding terrace glazing system installed lower rollers and upper rollers, there are four track and open reach 3/4. Used for 10mm tempered glass and the max panel up to 850*3000mm. Finzone20sliding terace glazingThe persuit of extraordinary quality, to process the unremitting efforts, each procedure can reflect the characterization of artisan mastery of detail and creative.Better window, better life.Finzone 20This is a sliding system enables individual parallel sliding panels to be moved horizontally to one or both sides.On opening or closing the first sliding panel, the other sliding panels are automatically opened or closed by integrated catchers.Finzone 20The floor-mounted construction ensures wide openings can be achieved without additional ceiling supports.Individual sliding panels run smoothly and effortlessly due to low ball-bearing mounted carriages.Finzone 20Finzone 20 has four tracks and open reach ¾Join us and enjoy the life.文:Mila~BETTER WINDOWBETTER LIFE▼CONTACT


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