Door and window purchase strategy, know that you can spend less money to buy doors and windows!


Door and window material generally includes three aspects: aluminum, glass, metal pieces, the owners have to buy products, often pay more attention to the aluminum and glass thickness, while the hardware requirements are not very high, it is not comprehensive. In fact, the state requirement is a colorful aluminum standard, aluminum with high quality aluminum color, its thickness, strength and oxide film can generally meet the national standards, such as the relevant provisions of the state requirements: aluminum aluminum color wall thickness should be more than 1.2mm, film thickness should reach 10 micron


With good materials, the next step is the processing of doors and windows. Due to the technical content of doors and windows is not high, mechanization level is not high, mostly rely on the manual operation of the installation workers, which requires operators have a good product quality awareness.


The performance of doors and windows is different because of the different range of use,

Often have to consider the following aspects: strength, which is mainly reflected in the doors and windows profile material, whether it can withstand high pressure; air tightness, mainly reflected in the window structure, doors and windows of the inner fan and frame structure is tight, close doors and windows.


Because of the price level and the price of aluminum door and window level has a direct correlation, but on the whole in a certain period and price is relatively stable, in general, the price of high-quality windows is 30% higher than that of inferior door window product,

Usually the inferior door window aluminum extrusion aluminum recycling contains a lot of impurities, with some aluminum wall thickness 0.6-0.8 mm. Both the tensile strength and yield strength are significantly lower than the relevant provisions of the state, the window is not safe, so the owners in the purchase of products do not covet cheap, but ignores the life safety of yourself and others


Customers choose the door and window products, usually pay attention to the appearance of the product and the decorative patterns of the glass, but often despise the composite film on the surface of doors and windows.

Composite film is formed by coloring the thermal oxidation film, which has the function of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high gloss, and the fire protection function of colleague sea chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, so it is necessary to compare the similar products when choosing the aluminum alloy doors and windows products. In terms of glass technology vary from person to person, different owners choose according to their preferences.


In the choice to focus on the credibility of the business and service quality, it is very important to choose a good brand reputation of the manufacturers, through the relevant certification inspection of manufacturers control related industry standards are complete and true, before installing attention by viewing the lock hole of internal material, final checks.



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